Software License Management for the Modern Enterprise

CDW Whitepaper, 2013

Remarkably, only about 20 percent of organizations have a formal software management program in place, according to
consulting firm Ernst & Young. And more than half continue to use spreadsheets to manage software licenses, according to
the research firm Opinion Matters.

Although technology professionals have long voiced concerns about the consequences of poor software license
management (SLM), their misgivings have largely gone unheeded. However, IT leaders are now beginning to see the
potential impact effective SLM can have on a company’s bottom line.

For instance, a study conducted by the tech research and advisory firm Gartner shows that organizations can realize
savings as high as 25 percent by driving out the hidden inefficiencies from over-licensing applications or harboring
unused software. And the benefits just start there.

Whether it’s eliminating unnecessary licensing expenditures or avoiding the consequences of software audits, enterprises
of every size and type are turning to robust and cost-effective technology tools to gain control over software license