BSA Audits FAQ

Q. What is BSA - The Software Alliance?

A.  BSA - The Software Alliance is an industry trade group whose members include software giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Macromedia, and Computer Associates.

Q. What authority does BSA - The Software Alliance have to conduct audits and levy fines?

A.  BSA has no independent law enforcement authority of any kind. Its rights are derived from a power of attorney provided by its member software companies. Those companies have rights created by their software license agreements and under the laws protecting copyrights.

Q. What will happen if I ignore correspondence from BSA - The Software Alliance or its lawyers?

A.  BSA is well funded and very aggressive. Attempting to ignore the problem by not responding will likely make your problems worse, leaving the BSA with no other option but to institute litigation against you and your company.




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