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When lawyers at Scott & Scott first encountered a BSA letter many years ago, it was not easy to find counsel experienced in defending software audits.  Although it may be easier these days to find lawyers who have handled one or two software audits, there is one thing that sets Scott & Scott apart from its competition — experience.  Since successfully resolving its first BSA matter without a settlement penalty, Scott & Scott has represented more than 250 companies of all sizes.  Our clients have ranged from one person lumber shops in South Dakota to companies with thousands of employees in Texas.

Whether your company is already under investigation or just concerned about exposure, our lawyers have the technical and legal experience necessary to protect your business against BSA | The Software Alliance. By engaging Scott & Scott, LLP you will leverage the years of experience gained successfully defending companies like yours against BSA | The Software Alliance.

Our lawyers will guide you through the audit process, into the negotiation phase, and in most instances, all the way to a satisfactory settlement. While our clients frequently decide to settle the matters without litigation, we are ready, willing and able to defend your company if litigation becomes necessary. Experience, confidentiality, and proven results make Scott & Scott, LLP the right choice for BSA Defense.

BSA Audit Experience

Experience is perhaps the most important criteria when choosing an attorney to represent your business. Scott & Scott, LLP is the right choice to defend your business against BSA | The Software Alliance because our lawyers have extensive experience fighting BSA. We have represented hundreds of companies accused of software piracy by BSA | The Software Alliance. Our highly focused team of attorneys and technology consultants can guide your business through every step of the BSA Audit process. Whether your company is already under investigation or just concerned about exposure, our lawyers have the technical and legal experience necessary to protect your business against BSA | The Software Alliance. BSA is funded by large software companies including Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, McAfee, Symantec, and Microsoft to name just a few. They have deep pockets to hire law firms with many resources. It is not advisable to be in a David vs. Goliath situation without experienced counsel on your side to protect your rights.

Some of the attorneys and firms who represent BSA are:

Donahue FitzgeraldSorin Royer Cooper LLC
Julie HoferBarry Cohen
Care Heller-PittmanSean Litz
Eric HandlerJessica Itzkowitz
Stephen Gustavson 
Bruce EadsBailey Glasser
Lawrence RockwellMichael L. Murphy
Business Software AllianceGowlings
Jesse MartinMartha Savoy
FDK LawWarner Law Offices
Frank KonczakowskiAnne Warner
Venable LLPKlemchuk Kubasta LLP
Linda ZirkelbachDarin Klemchuk
Briana RizzoMandi Phillips
Weir JohnsonWiley Rein LLP
Kelsey JohnsonCorey Weinstein

Many companies targeted by BSA | The Software Alliance are paying substantial fines and suffering negative publicity because they did not have experienced counsel. Properly preparing for and responding to software audits can reduce the financial and organizational impact on your business.

We have saved our clients thousands in potential penalties and have represented more than 250 companies across the U.S. and Canada against allegations of software piracy by BSA. Our clients have ranged from a one-person lumber shop with a couple of computers to major corporations with more than 25,000 computers.

Our attorneys have the legal and technical experience necessary to protect your business against BSA. You can leverage the knowledge we’ve gained successfully defending companies like yours.


The attorney-client and attorney work-product privileges protect confidential communications between lawyers and their clients as well as any reports prepared by the attorneys in connection with representing the clients. These rules are particularly important when it comes to BSA Defense. Employee-conducted and IT-vendor audits place your company at risk because the results of those audits are not confidential and are subject to disclosure if BSA chooses to institute litigation against you. Creating a paper trail that may be used against you is not in your company’s best interest. When you engage Scott & Scott, LLP for BSA Defense, our attorney-conducted software audits and the documents that are produced in the process are fully protected and not subject to disclosure.

Prior to submitting audit materials to BSA | The Software Alliance, our lawyers secure a written agreement from BSA covering the confidentiality of those materials.  These agreements ensure that BSA will not be able to improperly use or disclose the information provided in the event that the matter is not settled out-of-court.

The confidentiality of the audit investigation itself is negotiated as part of the settlement terms.  Scott & Scott, LLP regularly helps clients secure confidentiality provisions prohibited BSA | The Software Alliance from issuing a press release naming our client. 

Proven Results

When it comes to protecting your business, you want lawyers with skills and experience, but most of all, a track record of proven results. Scott & Scott, LLP has successfully defended companies across the country against BSA | The Software Alliance. Our Methodology is cooperative but aggressive. BSA | The Software Alliance knows that our clients will not be pushed around like the many unrepresented companies that pay fines without a fight. If you have been contacted by BSA, choose the lawyers with a proven track record fighting BSA | The Software Alliance, choose Scott & Scott, LLP.


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